Who am I and whats a bimble? This blog is about.....

I'm an Aussie transplanted for these last 19 years to the UK, came over in 2000 for the TT and never went home really. Married a lovely English lady and now have a lovely English daughter. I live in the South West of England and have done for 10 years; before that it was the usual Aussie haunt of London. Which I can't say I loved, but I did meet Jill there so it does have something going for it. :-)

This blog will be motorcycle musings, informed by 45 years riding in my (as of todays date) nearly 53 years on Earth. I'm not a fast rider, but I can cover the ground OK, and the further I ride the better I usually feel. In fact when I come back I'm usually on a high of some undefinable type! I have ridden on the road in Australia and the UK since 1995, before that it was trials and trailbikes in the bush, and before THAT....crashing a monkey bike into a tree aged 7. Motorcycles are such a part of my life I could not imagine life without them, and for the last 15 years I have ridden a Moto Guzzi Breva 750 all over the UK, and into France & Spain.

I am a voracious reader, particularly non-fiction, travel, and science fiction. George Orwells essays and musings are a particular favourite. So I may review a motorcycle book or two. I am also a film photographer, have 5 cameras from 1968 to 1992, and particularly love my Nikon FE and my Trip 35 - and Ilford HP5.

"Bimble" - sometimes also referred to as a "pootle" but never a "fang". A bimble is to me a ride where there is plenty of time to get there, no need to hurry, the roads are chosen for some character that is interesting, either the road itself or the places along it. It can be 20 miles or 200 or more. My Dad used to say we were bimbling about the bush when we road our old trailbikes in the forests of New South Wales. When I lived in London a bimble after work was often just what was needed. Its a ride at no more than 8/10ths, a ride where even though concentration is vital, there is space for thought and one is not a speed seeking automaton.

Anyway, some thoughts are a brewing and I'm going to sleep on them; 200 miles today on the bike has generated food for thought - it always does.


Scott Carpenter


  1. Yes. This is you mate, quirky but resolute. Interesting to see how this develops.

  2. Hi, Scott! I was wishing you a happy birthday when I noticed your blog. I had no clue what bimble meant so I'm glad you explained it. I have recently bought a smallblock Guzzi, a 2014 V7 Special, and I enjoy riding it -- once it is fully warmed up and I'm not in traffic. When conditions dictate its speed, it runs terrible! I'm re-flashing the ECU and I hope and pray that the re-flashing works. The awful fueling ruins the bike, I'm afraid. Does your Breva "carburete" perfectly?
    Thanks!, Maynard

    1. Hi Maynard, thanks for looking at the blog! About the Breva, which is related to the V7s, make sure the throttle bodies (think its twin like mine) are balanced properly, and use good quality petrol. Make sure the injectors are not damaged - year ago my right injector caused a missfire with the slightest touch or vibration. Once so bad the bike threw itself on the ground in a fit of pique! The throttle position sensor needs to be carefully adjusted The "Beetle Map" apparently works wonders on the low down fuelling on the V7s. Join the WildGuzzi forum, based in the US, its absolutely superb and a great resource. The Breva has served me well for 15 years, I hope it will do me another 15 more, with a bit of cosmetic restoration and the usual maintenance.

  3. Hi mate, Huzo here.
    I left a comment earlier but don’t know how to register my name, but who cares ? Love your blog.
    I am just as happy to read it on WG, it it’s your party and you’ll blog if you want to...
    Please don’t get tired of posting.

  4. Well done Scott. It's enjoyable reading someone else's blog if one has possibly ridden in the same area oneself as it triggers the possibility of being able to say 'I've been there '.
    My wife and I have just returned to Aus after a 12,000k bimble around southern and western Europe. We also bimbled around Western Europe in 2016, and hope to bimble around Spain and Switzerland and Ireland in 2021. All on our Guzzi. You can't beat a good bimble.


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